Catnip Jar | Catnip and Valerian Root
Catnip and valerian root
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Catnip - Valerian Root Blend (1 ounce in glass jar)

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Catnip-Valerian Root Blend (1 ounce) in Glass Sealed Jar

Jar is great at locking in the freshness of the catnip, but also handy at keeping kitty from getting all the nip. Our catnip blend is the same that we use in all of our toys. You can use the nip to refill toys. If your kitty has a favorite toy, pop it in the jar let it sit for a few hours, and bam it'll get all smelly for kitty to play with again.

Don't want the jar, we do sell just the catnip in a recyclable bag.

Our Jar and Catnip Blend

- Jar  is filled with 1 ounce of our catnip and valerian root blend

- Jar is 12 ounces, with thick glass and a black lid

- Jar measurements are about 2.5 inches (6 cm) wide and 4.8 inches (12cm) in height 

Care Instructions

* Ideally, keep catnip in sealed jar to lock in freshness


* Please supervise your pets while they are interacting with their product(s), anything can happen.