Our Story

We are Josie and Isiah, and our family consists of two dogs (Ronan and Kahlua) and one sassy cat (Ember). They are the inspiration that drove our venture into comfortable and stylish pet accessories.

The Luminous Pets About Us

As millennials and Pacific Northwest locals, we would take our dogs everywhere with us. Naturally, when we added a cat to our growing family, we specifically looked for a confident and curious kitty that would be able to keep up with our dogs on regular adventures. She was a purrfect fit.

The Luminous Pets Family

After a few months we noticed something inconvenient. When our dogs would go out with us they would accessorize with stylish bandanas from local shops. However, we struggled finding bandanas that would fit Ember's feline body. Most of the bandanas were too long and she would step on the fabric, or they were so bulky around the neck it seemed uncomfortable. We had already struggled to find bandanas that were a nice fit for our dogs (they are both so fluffy, the bandanas get covered by their lush chest/neck fur). 

This is where The Luminous Pets was born, in the need for more comfortable fitting bandanas for cats and fluffy dogs. We took aspects of our favorite bandanas, and after many trials, we found our unique design.


The Luminous Pets First bandanas

Unique Style + Fun Designs = Cute & Comfy Gear

Our bandanas come with three easy to adjust metal snaps. No fussing with tie on bandanas or sliding through the collar. We have a signature curved neckline in our cotton bandanas to reduce bunching around the neck, which can be especially uncomfortable for fluffy dogs and cats. Our goal is to make comfortable and stylish bandanas that are easy to put on and comfortable enough to wear while napping or adventuring.

Comfortable Pet Bandanas | The Luminous Pets