Our Story

Welcome to our shared passion, our furbabies. 

Our family consists of two dogs and one sassy cat. They are the inspiration that drives our venture into dog and cat accessories. As millennial's and Pacific Northwest people, we take our pets everywhere, yes that includes our sassy cat.
We always try to take our pets out in style; they wear their bandanas more than their collars. However, we struggled to find bandanas that fit our petite cat, and our fluffy dogs. Most bandanas bunched up around the neck, causing discomfort, or they were just too long, so they would get muddy or stepped on. After many trials and errors with numerous templates, we finally nailed down the most functional and stylish shape.
From there, The Luminous Pets grew our lineup of high-quality products from bandanas to kitty kicker pillows, to even pet stockings around the holidays. We always strive to make the best products possible, and we are always down to create new things!
Josie - The one with the crazy idea to start a shop
Isiah - The one that went along with Josie
Ronan - Our American Eskimo Dog, with all the fluff and attitude of a Spitz breed.
Kahlua - Our sweet, caring older lady, who would rather be playing fetch.
Ember - Our cat who thinks she is a dog, but still has the sass of a tortoiseshell
*Picture courtesy of Wag to my Heart Photography