Twinning Events

We want you to join! 

Seeing all your furbaby pictures is the best part of running The Luminous Pets.  

Twinning days are a great way to share more of your adorable pics with us and the pet community. 



Upcoming Events

May 20th - National Bee Day hosted by @joeyinthenoniverse

June 4th - Pride Day!

June 16th - TLP Shopiversary! Wear TLP gear

June 21st - Summer Solstice

July 9th - Animals and/or Animal Print

July 23rd - Nakey Furbaby Day (no accessories)

August 13th - Bowtie Day

August 20th - Under the Sea


How to join #tlptwinning

Image description:

  1. Check out our Twinning Day Events
  2. Snap a pic of your furbaby in a related TLP item
  3. DM us you picture @theluminouspets at least 48hrs before
  4. We will create, and message  you a group collage the day before the event
  5. On twinning day, post your picture and the group collage. Don’t forget to tag us and use #tlptwinning

*Try to send your image by 9am the day before the twinning event to guarantee you'll be placed in the collage.

As always, reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at our twinning events!

Tail wags and purrs,

Josie and family