Leaf catnip mat
refillable catnip mat
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I BeLEAF in You Refillable Catnip Mat

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I can just image kitties laying on this mat, thinking...I mean knowing that they are the ruler of everything that the light touches. Watching birds from the window, stalking the neighborhood squirrels, and hunting all the make believe things they see. I beLEAF in you kitties, play with our refillable leaf mat when you want to, then curl up on it for a nice nap in the sun.

We have other fabric options for our refillable catnip mats, check them our here.

Our mats are great for a range of cats. From those kitties that are bouncing off the walls at 3am, to those lounging about for a midday nap. The velcro hole allows you to refill the catnip pouches for maximum fun.


* Mats have the option of adding crinkle foil to the inside, to imitate the sounds of a rustling bag.


* Mats are 12" x 15", with about a 3" velcro opening.

Out Catnip Mats

* Each comes with two refillable cotton bags filled with a mixture of organic catnip and valerian root.


* Please supervise your pets while they are interacting with their product(s), anything can happen.