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Gold Snowflakes on Blue Catnip Play Mat with Refillable Pouches

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Gold Snowflakes on Blue Plaid Catnip Mat with Two Refillable Pouches

Our mats are great for a range of cats. From those kitties that are bouncing off the walls at 3am, to those lounging about for a midday nap.

The velcro hole allows you to refill the catnip pouches for maximum fun two refillable catnip pouches come filled with our fresh catnip-valerian root mix to start your cat's day off on the right paw.


* Small mats are 12" x 15", with about a 3" Velcro opening.

* Large mats are 15" x 20", with about a 3" Velcro opening.

Out Catnip Mats

* Each comes with two refillable cotton bags filled with a mixture of organic catnip and valerian root.


* Please supervise your pets while they are interacting with their product(s), anything can happen.