A third of cats don't react to catnip!

Brown Tabby Cat Playing with The Luminous Pets Catnip and Valerian Root Cat Toy

Why do so many cats not like catnip?

  • The ability to react to catnip has a genetic component.
  • If cats do not inherit that gene to take in catnip, it does nothing for them.
  • Of the third of cats that don't react, majority are females.

What Makes Our Catnip Different?

Catnip and Valerian Root use by The Luminous Pets

It's more than catnip...

...we blend in valerian root!

Valerian root elicits a similar effect, but it is stronger and longer lasting.

Cats that do not respond to catnip, tend to react to valerian root. This is because it doesn't require a genetic component to react.

Silver Tabby Cat Playing with Catnip and Valerian Root Cat Toy by The Luminous Pets

Freshness Kitty Can Smell

  • Organic and non-GMO catnip and valerian root are used
  • Locally grown just north of our home in Washington State
  • Delivered straight to our doorstep
Orange Tabby Rex Playing with Catnip and Valerian Root Cat Toys by The Luminous Pets

Potent Farming Practices

The farms that grown our herbs, allow their plants to reach full maturity before harvested, making their herbs more potent than other companies.

Great for Picky Kitties

"I get the [catnip and valerian root] kickers for my mom's cat who doesn't seem to like regular catnip toys but *LOVES* this blend"

~ Amanda P.

Effects of Catnip and Valerian Root on Cats

  • Effects of Valerian Root

    • A stimulant when inhaled by cats
    • A calmative when ingested by cats (commonly found in human sleepy time teas)
    • Great alternative for cats that are not effected by catnip
    • Response to valerian root can last up to 30 minutes!
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  • Effects of Catnip

    • About 2/3 of cats have the genetic component to react to catnip
    • Response to catnip tends to last 5 - 10 minutes
    • After exposure it takes about 2 hours for the cat to be able to be stimulated by catnip again
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