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From the beginning we set out to design comfortable and stylish snap-on bandanas. Since then, we have expanded to create catnip and valerian root toys loved by the pickiest kitties.

The Luminous Pets was inspired by the unconditional love and illuminating charm of sharing a life with pets, or in our case “furbabies”.

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Hi, we're Josie and Isiah

The Luminous Pets was founded because of our frustration around how traditional bandanas didn't comfortably fit our fluffy dogs, let alone our cat.

We started with addressing the shape and fit of bandanas. And now, we're thrilled to offer a full range of comfortable bandanas for dogs and cats, and have expanded in to handcrafted organic cat toys.

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We're all about...

The Luminous Pets Snap on Bandanas

Once You Snap, You'll Never Go Back

We're setting our own standard for comfortable pet bandanas. Each bandana has 3 metal snaps for adjustability, a curved or cuffed neckline to eliminate bunching, and is crafted from premium materials.

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The Luminous Pets Buffalo Plaid Bandana

Evergreen Style

We take a slow fashion approach. Our products are build to last, and we use prints that are relevant long-term, even among shifting trends.

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The Luminous Pets Founder Josie with dogs

Spreading Paws-itivity

At The Luminous Pets, we are passionate about pets and enjoy connecting with other enthusiastic pet lovers.

Seeing our bandanas, toys, and mat bring joy to pet families had been a dream come true. And we are just getting started!

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Shelter Cat Getting a donated cat toy from The Luminous Pets

Donations Made to Shelter Pets

Life in a shelter is stressful, especially for cats. We regularly donate our loose-leaf catnip and valerian root blend and kicker toys to local rescues. For the pups, we drop off bandanas to make them extra cute.

Both Ember and Kahlua were adopted from the Oregon Humane Society.

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What makes our toys so loved by cats?

Catnip and Valerian Root Blend | Fresh, Organic & Locally Grown in Washington State

Fresh, Local & Organic Blend

Catnip and Valerian Root Blend

  • 100% organic and non-GMO
  • Locally grown in Washington State
  • From farm to our doorstep
About Our Unique Blend
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We would love if you stopped by one of our booths and showed off pictures of your furbaby.

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We believe furbabies deserve the very best.

That's why we handcraft each item with the finest materials, sophisticated designs and with comfort in mind. Love what you see?

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