Frequently Asked Questions

The Luminous Pets

How do I make sure I order the right size?

It is best to take the time to measure your pet's neck size. A simple way to do this is to measure a collar that already fits them. If you are still unsure, feel free to reach out for sizing assistance. 


When will I receive my order?

At this time, we are processing orders between 1 - 2 weeks, from time of order. If there are any changes to this timeline, we will reach out to you directly.

With shipping, we use United States Postal Service (USPS). Once the packages have been scanned into USPS, we are no longer liable for lost, stolen, or damaged packages. If you have any concerns about your package, please contact USPS with any questions.


I ordered a headband, how do I tie it?

Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your new headband. To help you tie your headband we created a step-by-step document to walk you through getting the perfect bow. Follow the link below:

How to get the perfect bow.


What is difference between catnip, silvervine, and valerian root?

Catnip, silvervine, and valerian root are non-additive and non-toxic plant. Silvervine is more potent than its catnip counterpart. Did you know about 2/3 of the cats out there are stimulated by catnip. This leaves a decent amount of cats unaffected by catnip.

Our kitty, Ember, is one of those not effected by catnip, but she loves the toys that include silvervine or valerian root. The effects of silvervine and catnip can last from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. 

If you kitty does not respond to catnip, they will most likely respond to valerian root. The effects are similar to catnip, however, tends to last the longest of these plants. 

All of our catnip, silvervine, and valerian root comes from Washington State. They wait until their plants have reached maturity, and then harvest. This has a tendency to produce more effect nip.


What is the return policy?

At this time, we do not do refunds or exchanges. Since everything is handmade, the quantity and design of our products can vary slightly. Do note, that our products are photographed in indirect sunlight, without editing. Therefore, there may be some coloration differences between on screen image and in person. 


How do I make changes to an order I've already placed?

Questioning the size you selected, or thinking a different product will work out better, reach out to us asap. We would love to help you select the item(s) you are looking for. You can us our Contact Us page, or shoot us an email


I still have some questions, how do I contact you directly?

Feel free to reach out, we would love to chat. You can email us at or reach out through our Contact Us page.

Look forward to hearing from you,


 Family photo with dogs and a cat



The Luminous Pets is not responsible for damages or injuries due to lack of supervision, negligence, or misuse while wearing or engaging with our products. Supervise your pets while wearing or playing with our products. Thank you.