The Luminous Pets is not made up of your average pet lovers. Dogs and cats are so much more than pets, they are our furbabies, and they deserve the very best!

~Josie and Isiah

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Tuxedo cat in rainbow bandana | The Luminous Pets

Unique Handmade Products

  • Cotton bandanas have a curved neckline to reduce bunching around the neckline of dogs and cats
  • All bandanas come with 3 metal snaps, so no pesky trying to tie a knot that will hold
  • Cat toys are made with an organic blend of catnip and valerian root
  • Refillable cat mats have a Velcro opening to keep the catnip fresh 
  • Bowties come two elastic styles, especially great for our feline friends
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Calico cats in bandanas by The Luminous Pets

Supporting Other Small Businesses

  • Catnip and Valerian root are locally grown and harvested in Washington State
  • Vegan leather tags on our bandanas are laser engraved by a husband and wife in New Mexico
  • Satin logo labels on cat toys are printed by small shop in Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Fabrics tend to come from local fabric shops, Etsy or Spoonflower designers
Cute calico cat in flannel orange bandana | Handmade pet products by The Luminous Pets

Focus on Sustainable Practices 

  • Catnip and valerian root are organically grown with a business that focuses on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices
  • Medium to large orders are shipped in recycled (and recycleable) cardboard boxes, lined with recyclable "tissue" paper from EcoEnclosed
  • Small orders tend to be shipped in compostable mailers, that break down in landfills or your home composting pile within a year
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  • Mainecoon Cat in The Luminous Pets Bandana

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