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"I get the kickers for my mom's cat who doesn't seem to like regular catnip toys, but *LOVES* this blend!"~ Amanda P.

  • Tabby Cat with Catnip Toy by The Luminous Pets

    Purrfect Pillow for Nala

    "Our cats love the blend! The large kicker is their favorite toy and pillow! We have six of them."
    ~Maggie M.

  • Tuxedo Cat on Catnip Mat | The Luminous Pets

    Refillable Mats are a Hit!

    "I super love the mat! It has a padded lining, plus Velcro opening with two drawstring pouches inside filled with their very own potent catnip blend!
    I love the refillable concept and bought their catnip blend to refill when needed!"

    ~ IG @6cheekytails

  • Mainecoon cat with catnip Toy by The Luminous Pets

    Long Lasting Fun!

    "The best catnip in the world! Even after months it gives us intense moments of happiness!"

    ~ IG @luluhv

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