The Luminous Pets is a Portland, Oregon based small business owned and operated by Josie and Isiah, and their furry family members.

Since our start in 2020, we have remained committed to providing cat, dogs and pet lovers with the highest quality fashion wears and toys, while focusing on sustainability and supporting other local businesses.

  • Woman-Owned

  • BIPOC-Operated

  • LGBTQIA+ Operated

Redesigning The Standard Bandana For Inclusivity

As pet pawrents, Josie and Isiah struggled with bulky fabric, fur-pulling tie-on styles and unsophisticated fabric design when searching for pet bandanas. Frustrated by the discomfort and lack of style, we set out to handcraft the purrfect bandana for dogs and cats.

Josie founded The Luminous Pets on a dream for a better pet bandana. Now her furbabies have comfortable and stylish accessories.

The Luminous Pets | Snap on Pet Bandana for Dogs and Cats | Comfortable and Stylish

The Purrfect Fit Every Time

Traditional triangle shaped bandanas were built for a specific body type: dog, medium build, short haired and lean necks.

My furbabies didn't fit this narrow perspective.

Our curved neckline eliminated bunching around their airway.

Adjustability Allows Accessibility

Attempting to put on a traditional tie-on bandana was pulling like hair, literally!

Our bandanas all come with 3 metal snaps.

The purrfect fit every time!

The snaps also allow for seasonal changes. If you have double-coated furbabies like me there is winter coat (aka super poof), and the summer coat (aka hot furbaby summer). Bonus the snaps are great for multi-pet households.

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More Than Just Catnip

Did you know that a third of cats do not have the genetic receptors to react to catnip?

I had no idea about this before Ember. All my former cats LOVED catnip! Her, she just walked away, unimpressed.

So, naturally, I researched alternatives to catnip, which lead us to creating our Catnip and Valerian Root cat toys.

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The Luminous Pets | Organic Catnip and Valerian Root Locally Grown in Washington State

The Secret: Valerian Root

Delightful for even the pickiest of kitties!

Fresh, Local and Organic

Valerian root has swept cats off their paws.

When sniffed it elicits a stronger and longer lasting effect than catnip. When ate, it is a natural calmative.

I set out to share my new found herb and knowledge with other cat lovers.

Our catnip-valerian root blend ships straight from the farm to our doorstep.

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The Luminous Pets | Sustainable Practices

Sustainability Practice

We may be small in the grand scheme of businesses but we take our sustainability practices seriously.

Each package is shipped in curbside recyclable box (made from recycled content) or a biodegradable bag that will break down in a landfill within a year.

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The Luminous Pets set out to reinvent how you see pet bandanas, by prioritizing comfort and style.

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