Catnip - Valerian Root Blend (1.5 ounce in glass jar)

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Catnip-Valerian Root Blend (1.5 ounce) in Glass Sealed Jar

The jar is great at locking in the freshness of the catnip blend, but also handy at keeping kitty from getting all the nip at one time.

Our catnip valerian root blend is the same that we use in all of our toys. You can use the nip to refill our catnip play mats. Otherwise, if your kitty has a favorite toy, pop it in the jar let it sit for a few hours, and bam it'll get all smelly for kitty to play with again.

Don't want the jar, we do sell just the catnip in a recyclable bag.


Catnip - Valerian Root Blend

* Fresh, organic catnip and valerian root

* Locally grown and harvest in Washington State

Learn more about Our Catnip - Valerian Root Blend.


Why add Valerian Root to our Catnip?

* About 1/3 of cats do no have the receptors to react to catnip, majority of those being female cats.

* Valerian root is from a different plant family, and provides a similar effect as catnip. If inhaled, it is a stimulate, but if eaten, it is a calmative

Read more on our blog about Valerian Root Effects or dive into Facts About Catnip.


About the Jar

* The glass jar is filled with 1.5 ounce of our catnip and valerian root blend

* Jar measurements are about 2.5 inches (6 cm) wide and 4.8 inches (12cm) in height 


Care Instructions

* Ideally, keep catnip in sealed jar to lock in freshness

* When you are running low, order our Catnip Blend Refill. Just make sure when you place the refill in the jar, you rotate the old blend to be on the top and the fresh to be on the bottom. 



* Please supervise your pets while they are interacting with their product(s), anything can happen.

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