Cats and Catnip: Effects of Catnip, Cat Toys, and More

  • Testimonial of Our Catnip Blend: Mufasa and Oliver

    Mufasa and Oliver are avid fans of our catnip toys. They love batting around the mini pillows. With the large kickers they bit and kick. Our catnip is blended with valerian root. Check out this lovely family and their review on our toys.
  • Testimonial of Our Catnip Blend: Meowth, Nami, and Jack-Jack

    Meet the @teamcharacats Family What are the kitties favorite things to do? Jack Jack loves to cuddle. Meowth enjoys eating and sleeping, while ...
  • Valerian Root: A Feline’s Favorite Herb

    Valerian root can be an enjoyable alternative to catnip. Each one of our catnip toys are packed with a blend of catnip and valerian root, guaranteed to stimulate or relax your feline friend. In this blog we discuss the benefits of valerian root, the common concerns, and a brief history of the plant. Have you tried valerian root with your cat? What do they think of it? Drop it in the comments.
  • Catnip Facts & Alternatives

    Interesting facts about catnip, the benefits, and common concerns from pet parents. Cat don't like catnip, try alternatives like Valerian Root, Silvervine, and Honeysuckle.