Testimonial of Our Catnip Blend: Mufasa and Oliver

Testimonial of Our Catnip Blend: Mufasa and Oliver

Catnip Review

First up, why our catnip?

We work with a local company that grows, harvests, and blends their various herbs.

Since there is about a third of cats that do not reach to catnip, we blend ours with Valerian Root. This herb tends to have a stronger effect that lasts longer. (Read more about Catnip, Read more about Valerian Root).

All of our cat kicker pillow and cat mats have this blend to energize your kitty. Don't just take our word, read about what Mufasa and Oliver think about the nip.

Meet @mufasa_junglecat and @oliver.orangetabby

cute cats in bandanas

What are the cats’ favorite things to do?

Play, sleep and eat!

If the cats had a theme song, what would it be?

Oliver’s song would be The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

What else is neat about your cats?

They love The Luminous Pets catnip kicker

Let’s talk about catnip

Do the cats tend to react to catnip?

Yes, the Mufasa and Oliver enjoy catnip.

At The Luminous Pets, we use a blend of catnip and valerian root. (Learn more)

How does our catnip blend affect you cats?

reaction to catnip

Do your cats act like this with other brands of catnip filled toys?

Maybe, but not all the time.

What catnip blended products have tried from our shop?

Bengal Cat playing with catnip toy

All the sizes of the pillow kickers. However, the mini catnip pillow and large catnip mat are the most favorite among Mufasa and Oliver. The mini catnip pillows are great size to bat all over the house. 


Would you recommend our catnip blend to other cat parents?


Bengal Cat with catnip

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Has your cat(s) tried out our blend? What were their reactions, drop them in the comments below.

Tail wags and purrs,

Josie and family

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